Review: Giro Stylus Helmet

Giro Stylus Helmet

The 2009 Giro Stylus Helmet

A helmet is an absolute must for anyone involved in a sport that requires or strongly recommends that you use one. One of the hardest things to do is picking out gear for your particular sport and having a sense that your decision was a good one long-term.

But with so many brands, styles, and colors, the decision process can be challenging.

The Giro Stylus helmet is a stylish, comfortable, and light weight helmet that makes a fine choice for your most important gear component…but is it right for you?

This review will look at  the Giro Stylus helmet after having owned and used the product since 2009.

 Product Characterized

Giro Stylus offers serious performance with a relaxed attitude, featuring a compact shape, an amazing fit and great ventilation. Specs: In-mold technology fuses the liner with the microshell to create a lightweight and durable helmet Acu-Dial™ fit system offers single-handed fit adjustment, variable fit anchor points and height adjustment for a truly custom fit and feel A generous 26 vents keep you cool.

The premise here is that this helmet offers an excellent choice among many other manufacturers available. There are as many as six (6) color schemes to select from two of which are suited for women. Additionally there are some adjustment cushions that are provided along with the helmet to further customize the sizing fit to your liking (watch the short video below for proper sizing method).

The Real World

My experience with the Giro Stylus helmet has been completely satisfying. Although this is the first helmet that I have ever worn for up to 4 hours at a time, I never feel fatigued or irritated by having it on. It is light weight and has fantastic ventilation which allows me to keep cool especially in the summer months but during the cooler months I use  a head cap to keep my head warm. In the end, I feel I made an excellent choice.


I can honestly tell you when I say that there are no negatives in my experiences with this helmet…none. As I mentioned above, the Giro Stylus helmet has been an excellent choice for my needs which were very simple…to protect my head in the event of a spill.

So would I buy this exact model again? Yes I would and the only difference in choice that I would consider is selecting it in the Black/Titanium finish. Why you might ask? It will match any color your bike may just happen to be and will also comply with your clothing color schemes (fashion still counts even on the bike! :)).

The following video provided by Giro via YouTube demonstrates just how simple it is to measure your head for the perfect fit. When I purchased my Giro Stylus helmet, I did not do this and suffered a little for it. Had I performed this very simple little step, I would have properly purchased a medium-sized helmet as opposed to a large and that would have been a perfect fit. Do yourself a favor and do this step BEFORE you make a decision on any helmet.

The following photos are of my Giro Stylus helmet I purchased in 2009. As you will see in the photos, the helmet has stood up very well as of 2012 granted it has never been damaged in anyway and I certainly plan to keep it that way :).

Is It Right For You?

If you are a cautious consumer like many including myself, but often get hung up on which brand name or model best meets your needs…the Stylus helmet from Giro is a solid choice. The brand has been around since 1986 and is well-respected in the industry. This helmet meets all the required safety measures as mandated by CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). But if this price range is outside of your budget or simply just more than you wish to spend, there are  other price points offered by Giro that might suit you better.

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Stylish, Comfortable, and Light Weight Helmet! Giro Stylus offers serious performance with a relaxed attitude, featuring a compact shape, an amazing fit and great ventilation.
Giro Stylus Helmet
Date Published: 10/04/2012
2009 Giro Stylus Road Bike Helmet
5 / 5 stars